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Just to be clear these are not my photo’s I simply got them from google, however I do hope they inspire you!


5 Tips on Saving Money to Travel

The main thing that stops people from travelling is money, but saving might be easier than you think! To travel means you have to have some sort of money saved up, however you don’t necessarily need as much you think. There are always other options such as backpacking throughout South East Asia, it’s still travel and it will still be amazing. However you still need a small amount saved up to get you going, so here are some tips!Read More »

My top 3 favourite travel blogs

As I have been interested with travelling for several years I have discovered a number of travel blogs throughout the years that I love to read for hours on end. Here is my list of top travel blogs that I constantly check for updates and new posts.

World of Wanderlust

I have been reading this blog by Australian girl Brooke for a while now. She is a great writer and has been successful for a good few years now and the best thing is that she is constantly active and posts all the time which is something a lot of bloggers struggle with. She has been many places around the world and she even has her own WOW team so that she can cover more bases on her blog. Her business that she has built really is incredible.Read More »

Stopover: Kuala Lumpur Airport

On my flight to Phnom Penh I had a stopover in Kuala Lumpur for eights, I thought great I’m going to be exhausted, bored and have nothing to do. However, thankfully I was wrong. When we landed I followed everyone else and as it was my first experience travelling outside of Australia, I was a little confused on what to do. I ended up in the line to get my passport stamped which I thought I wasRead More »

A weekend away in Sihanoukville

After being at the orphanage for nine days now I am lucky to have met a group of university students from Hawaii who arrived here to volunteer last Wednesday. There are seven of them who are volunteering for a week. They came here with their professor as a trip which they get credit for. I was so excited when they invited me to go to Sihanoukville with them for the weekend. We got picked up on a bus last Friday morning and drove around 5 hours to Sihanoukville to the hotel we were staying at which was called the OC hotel and it was amazing. The rooms were so nice, they had hot water showers, air conditioners and a nice pool.Read More »

Arriving in Cambodia

At the moment I am about a thirty minute tuk-tuk ride from Cambodia’s capitol Phnom Penh. I am volunteering at an orphanage called Samrong Farm, teaching the children English.

I arrived on Sunday the 3rd of January and was picked up at the airport and then taken on a tuk-tuk to the Ruvuth Guesthouse where I was greeted by three lovely men and one women. The man that picked me up from the airport, Kimlay, took me for a short walk around the street I was staying on. When we got back to the guesthosue the men had a collection of empty beer cans and then they offered me one, of course I said yes! So we sat down and had an Angkor beer with them and the women joined us. They were funny people and so kind even if I didn’t know what they were saying most of the time. Kimlay left shortly after and then I ordered some dinner, fried rice with vegetables which only cost $2.10 believe it or not! They then game me another beer which I politely accepted. After I had eaten and drank my beer I decided it was time for bed even though it was only 8:30, but after all it was a long journey to get here.

The next morning on the Monday a guy named Hong picked me up and took me on a quick tour around the city city and took me into a shopping centre and then to the roof top where there was an amazing view. We also went to the central market and saw some pretty cool things, I am yet to go back there to do some shopping.

Then I took the tuk-tuk to Samrong Farm Orphanage where I would be staying for the next eight weeks. When we got there the kids were waving and shouting out hello to me. I was then taken to my room where here was three beds and then showed round the place. The kids were so lovely and the food that they cook there is so delicious that I always fill my plate up. I teach two classes, one is in the morning from 9-11 and the other one is from 1-3 in the afternoon. The rest of the time is free time to do whatever want to do and so far I am enjoying the time here.

5 movies that will inspire you to travel!

Having not being able to travel much yet I am always looking for good movies that incorporate travel in them for inspiration. Here are a few of my favourites which I recommend watching!

Under the Tuscan Sun

under the tuscan sun

This is probably my favourite movie of all time as it takes you through Italy (mainly Tuscany) and is about a writer who impulsively buys a villa in Tuscany. It follows a women who goes to Italy on a tour sent by her bestfriend and ends up spontaneously buying a house there which needs doing up. It has such a beautiful story line and shows the journey of a women meeting many wonderful people and discovering herself all in the amazing scenery of Italy. I highly recommend watching it!Read More »