5 movies that will inspire you to travel!

Having not being able to travel much yet I am always looking for good movies that incorporate travel in them for inspiration. Here are a few of my favourites which I recommend watching!

Under the Tuscan Sun

under the tuscan sun

This is probably my favourite movie of all time as it takes you through Italy (mainly Tuscany) and is about a writer who impulsively buys a villa in Tuscany. It follows a women who goes to Italy on a tour sent by her bestfriend and ends up spontaneously buying a house there which needs doing up. It has such a beautiful story line and shows the journey of a women meeting many wonderful people and discovering herself all in the amazing scenery of Italy. I highly recommend watching it!

Sex and the city 1&2

sex and the city

These movies are probably more heard of. The first one explores four women’s lives mainly in New York, it’s more of a girly movie but don’t let that stop you boys! It shows the luxurious New York through fashion, love and friendship. For a short time of the movie the girls also go to Mexico for a short holiday which looks amazing and relaxing with so much yummy food!

In the second one New York is again featured, however they four girls go to Abu Dhabi. They are treated like royalty with their own private cars and servants at the incredible hotel they are staying at. This movie makes me want to immediately jump on a plane straight to the United Arab Emirates! It is so beautiful there and this movie really shows it.

The Tourist

the tourist

For starters this movie has Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp so of course it’s a worthy movie for this list. It is the journey of an American tourist (Johnny) who is visiting Italy and a women (Angelina) who crosses his path. The movie reveals a big twist at the end and I am still a little startled by it. However there are some wonderful scenery of Italy displayed and Angelina is so beautifully elegant and I think she’s meant for Italy!

Letters to Juliet

letters to juliet

Letters to Juliet follows a couple who go on a holiday to Italy before they get married. Sophie (Amanda Seyfrield) dreams of becoming a writer and while in Verona she discovers her chance at becoming one by finding the ladies that write back to letters to Juliet. It’s a great movie that encourages you to follow your dreams and also go to Italy!

My Life in Ruins

my life in ruins

This movie is set in the lovely Greece and is a story of a travel guide who moved to Greece to teach English but ended up a tour guide. She lives an average life but soon discovers her “kefi”-a Greek word which means ‘the spirit of joy, passion, enthusiasm, high spirits or frenzy’, if you watch the movie you will know what I’m on about. During one of her tours she discovers her romantic side and realises that her life isn’t all that bad.


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