A weekend away in Sihanoukville

After being at the orphanage for nine days now I am lucky to have met a group of university students from Hawaii who arrived here to volunteer last Wednesday. There are seven of them who are volunteering for a week. They came here with their professor as a trip which they get credit for. I was so excited when they invited me to go to Sihanoukville with them for the weekend. We got picked up on a bus last Friday morning and drove around 5 hours to Sihanoukville to the hotel we were staying at which was called the OC hotel and it was amazing. The rooms were so nice, they had hot water showers, air conditioners and a nice pool.

This was the view from our room!

Once we settled in and had a refreshing shower we went for a walk down the street to the market and sat down to enjoy some food. We then went browsing through all the little shops and then checked out the beach after some ice-cream.

Sunset at the beach

We then decided to go get a massage and looked around a few places because there was four of us and we finally found a place that could do us all at the same time. I got the deep tissue massage which cost only $12! The massage was good and well needed after a sore back from the bus ride. After the massage that went for a hour we went to an Indian food place and got a few different dishes to try, it was my first try of Indian food and I have to say I really enjoyed it, especially the samosa!

The next day everyone had to meet at 9 as we were taking a boat trip to an island. It was three stories high and we were lucky enough to get there early and get the top deck with the lounge chairs.


The boat ride was a little rough on the way there and there was a couple of times I thought it could tip so I wouldn’t recommend going on it if you get boat sick because it wouldn’t be a good trip if you did. We stopped a bit off the shore at one island where we were allowed to jump off the top of the boat into the water which was fun and the water was so nice and there was the option to go scuba diving as well.

We then headed off the the next island were we got off and had two hours to explore or stay on the boat. We went for another swim in the beach and then walked around and ended up getting a nice smoothie.



Once our two hours was up we headed back to the boat the head back. It was rougher this time on the way back and while I was laying on the chair the boat rocked so much that my chair slid over to the other side of the boat, a little scary but I was fine. Not long after they made us go down to the second level because it was getting too rough but everything was fine and we made it back safely.

When we got back to the hotel we showered and got ready for dinner where we went to a place called the snake house. They had numerous cages with different types of snakes in them which was very interesting. The meals was very good and they served western meals there too.

We got the bus back to the hotel and then Tiffany(Uni student) and I went out to the casino because it was right near the hotel. We were there for a while and played blackjack which was very amusing and I ended up profiting $40 which I was happy with. Then we left and got a tuk-tuk to the beach area and went to a club called Jay Jays and it was the coolest thing ever. They had such a great set up and the workers were so nice and fun. They were giving out free drinks, had awesome music and the other people there were awesome too. After we had been there for a while and had a few drinks it was time to go home so we caught a tuk-tuk back to the hotel and ended up getting back at 3am which I couldn’t believe! We went home on the bus the next morning and I had such a great weekend and was so glad a went and am planning to go back there soon!


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