Stopover: Kuala Lumpur Airport

On my flight to Phnom Penh I had a stopover in Kuala Lumpur for eights, I thought great I’m going to be exhausted, bored and have nothing to do. However, thankfully I was wrong. When we landed I followed everyone else and as it was my first experience travelling outside of Australia, I was a little confused on what to do. I ended up in the line to get my passport stamped which I thought I was suppose to do and the  when I got to the other side there was only the baggage collection area and I was getting my luggage in Phnom Penh. After asking a few people where the transit hall was I was told that I didn’t need my passport stamped and that I had to go outside and then go up the escalator.

So after going what they called outside, it was just a different area with shops and cafe’s which I was pleased about anyway, I stopped to eat some breakfast as it was only about 7:30am. To pay for my breakfast I just used my load & go travel card. IMG_0690

After breakfast I went walking around to have a look at a few different places and then headed up stairs to the transit hall. It was pretty similar up there as it had shops and places to eat. However you could walk outside to a deck area where you can take some amazing pictures, although the air was hot and stuffy.


After a couple of hours of walking around and constantly checking the flight board to see if my flight had appeared yet, I decided to get some morning tea. So off to Starbucks I went, it was my first time and I ordered a medium(because the large is massive!) hot chocolate and a chocolate and banana cake. I highly recommend getting the chocolate and banana cake because it was the best cake I’ve ever eaten! I can’t wait to go back for more.


After I had eaten I found a massage chair and sat on that for five minutes, it gives a pretty good massage considering it’s a chair. Then since my flight was on the board I found the gate that I needed to be at even though I still had another three or more hours but I figured it was best to be safe then sorry. After checking out the area I sat down and had a latte with a turkey sandwich, which was pretty average but it done the job. I then sat down and read my book for a while. I then checked the board only to discover my gate had changed so I ventured what felt like the other side of the airport to find my new gate.

I sat down at the new gate and started to read again but I was too tired so I tried to nap on the chair as I felt safe with the people that were sitting near me. I half drifted off then would wake up to some noise. We then got told that our flight was delayed an hour, and not long after they gave us forms to fill in for our arrival in Phnom Penh. We lined up and slowly they let us walk to the plane where we sat for a good twenty minutes before finally taking off. I was so tired that I don’t remember most of the flight because I was sleeping.

However after a eight hour stopover, it didn’t feel that long because I had plenty of things to do so if you have to stop over somewhere I would choose Kuala Lumpur as it is safe, entertaining and enjoyable!


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