My top 3 favourite travel blogs

As I have been interested with travelling for several years I have discovered a number of travel blogs throughout the years that I love to read for hours on end. Here is my list of top travel blogs that I constantly check for updates and new posts.

World of Wanderlust

I have been reading this blog by Australian girl Brooke for a while now. She is a great writer and has been successful for a good few years now and the best thing is that she is constantly active and posts all the time which is something a lot of bloggers struggle with. She has been many places around the world and she even has her own WOW team so that she can cover more bases on her blog. Her business that she has built really is incredible.

Adventurous Kate

The author of Adventurous Kate, is Kate, who quit her job at 26 to travel the world and she’s been doing so ever since. She has done plenty of travel and her first main trip was around South-East Asia but she now travels all over. She has extended her blog and has now done her own tour and other business related trips. She isn’t as active as she used to be but there is plenty to read and at the end of every month she does recaps and talks about her expense which is interesting.

Never Ending Footsteps

I have only recently discovered this blog in the last couple of months. Its follows the travel adventures of a girl called Lauren who quit her job in 2011 to travel the world for a year. She has plenty of disaster stories she has encountered which are funny and some a little scary. She has been successful enough that she has written and published her own book which follows her travel encounters, good and bad.


I would love to know some of your favourite travel blogs or even your own as I’m always looking for more to read!


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